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Drywall tape + ink = amazing!

My friend Andrea Buckley was kind enough to share the idea of this technique with me for this blog.  I am not going to lie, it sounds so un-glamorous, that I was skeptical at first.  However, once I watched the less than 10 minute video with France Martin of, I was ready to run out to my local Home depot right then!  Not only does this technique produce some really cool results, but it is super easy.  I am all about super easy for cool techniques!  It reminds me of the magic mesh that they used to sell some years ago, which you purchased in different colors.  The beauty of drywall tape is, there is virtually no waste!  You can color directly on the drywall tape and use it as an embellishment, and then you can use the image that remains from where you colored it, as well!  Unlike the magic mesh, where you would have to buy several packs to get different colors, you can purchase 500ft  of drywall tape for around $10….and then use whatever colors you choose!  As you will see in the video, it is as simple as cutting the desired length off of the roll, laying it on your paper of choice and then coloring.  And, voila!  Instant embellishment, background or accent!  Below the video, I have added some finished creations, by stamp artists Loll Thompson and Karen Dunbrook.  Within minutes of watching this just over 8 minutes video, I promise that you will be on the road to your local hardware store! Thank you, Andrea!

drywalltape     drywalltape2drywalltape3

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