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Easy organization…Ikea Trofast

I am a huge fan of Ikea, as a lot of us crafters are.  One trip a few years back was all it took, and I was hooked.  I am convinced that pretty much everything that Ikea makes can be used for craft storage or used in a craft room!  One of my very first pieces was the Ikea Trofast storage system.  It is actually sold as a child’s storage piece, but is great for storing other things, like crafts!  It is one of my most beloved pieces, so when I saw the picture below by Pam Kueber, I wanted to share, as this is definitely something I want to create in my craft room.  I also found on Pinterest a post by Jen de Jong, of how she uses the Ikea Trofast storage system for her fabric and such.  Which I also fell in love with!  The best part of this system is the cost, AND they also sell unfinished frames that you can paint yourself (see below).  Bucket colors are offered in white, green, pink, yellow and orange (large bucket sizes).  Dare say I will not have enough room for all these Trofast tables and towers I want to build, but it is definitely inspiring and dream worthy!

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Bed springs…not just for sleeping!

One thing that I absolutely love is seeing old furniture re-purposed for craft rooms!   I love it when someone is able to take a piece of furniture that might otherwise be thrown away, and give it new life.  It truly amazes me how a little paint, hardware and creativity can produce some exquisite pieces for craft display and storage.  Below are just a few samples that I have seen on Pinterest.  The last picture is where some creative genius re-purposed an old bed spring as a delightful area to store craft goodies!

cupboard                     cupboard2  cupboard3       bedspring

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Resolve to reorganize

It’s a new year, and with that comes a time for new beginnings.  The new year is always associated with organizing our lives, and our craft rooms and craft spaces should be no exception.  Totally Tiffany is a company based in Washington state, that is known for their wide variety of organizational products.  The Totally Tiffany Companion Cart Plus Craft Wrap Apron, is an organizational cart on wheels that is designed to fit under a desk or counter.  It was designed with the crafter in mind, however, it can be used for a variety of hobbies, projects or home storage.  I personally have this cart, and keep it right next to my crafting table and I love it.  The shelves slide in and out for easy access.  Take a peek at the Totally Tiffany website and see if this is something that would work for you.  My bet is that you can easily find a good use for it!

cart2  cart3  cart1

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Revolving Bin for Storage

I have an obsession with storage for my craft room.  I love boxes, bowls and bins.  I am very eclectic with my room; if I like the style of something, I get it.  Not to say that those rooms out there that are color coordinated aren’t amazing, because they are.  I just cannot stick with one theme like that, I am more free flowing.  I stumbled on the item below on Pinterest (of course!), and did some research (all of 5 seconds), and found out that you can, in fact, purchase this cool bin at Harbor Freight for $18.99.  The one in the picture from Pinterest has five trays, and is in a pretty vintage color, while the one actually on the Harbor Freight website is solid gray and has only four trays, and not as many dividers.  Still, pretty close.  With just a little elbow grease you could make the Harbor Freight bin look vintage, as well as paint it your own color (for those color coordinated crafters out there).  Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is a great find at a great price!

screw tower1    screw tower2

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