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Altered art using dominoes

In today’s post, I am sharing something that I found on Pinterest.  It is an altered art piece using rubber stamps and dominoes.  It was created by Lynn Stevens, and posted on her blog, Trash to Treasure Art, back in 2013.  Since art is, of course, timeless, I felt that this was a gorgeous piece that I just had to share.  I remember when using dominoes as ephemera as well as using them with rubber stamps was all the rage.  Dominoes are still used by some creators, and I thought that I might inspire someone else to create using dominoes by sharing this beautiful piece.  You can see instructions from Kimberly Crick on how to stamp on dominoes on her website, The Enchanted Gallery.  Kimberly provides great step-by-step instruction, along with photographs.  Hoping this post inspires some creativity, or at the very least, a good game of dominoes!

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