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Backwards copic coloring & a pineapple

The pineapple is considered an expression of welcome throughout the South, and represents things that we hold dear in our home…friendship, hospitality and warmth.  I created this Welcome pineapple card using the pineapple2stamp and pineapple2stamp die sets from The Stamp of Life, and background paper from Authentique‘s Utopia collection.  So, where does the backward copic coloring come in?  Well, it was a happy accident, to be honest.  🙂

I stamped the pineapple from the pineapple2stamp set, and proceeded to color it in with copics.  However, I felt like the colored image was a little “louder” than the Authentique background paper that I wanted to use with it.  Since copics are alcohol based, they bleed through the paper they are colored on.  I flipped the colored image over, and loved the effect that the “bleed” created.  I decided to use that side of the image, and adhered the cut out pineapple die to the back of the colored image. Voila! Backwards copic coloring!

We need to remember that the crafts we create don’t always come out exactly as we pictured them in our mind, sometimes they are “happy accidents”… to me, that is what makes crafting so rewarding!

welcome pineapple card

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Using the same image for a set of cards: Stampin’ Up! Hooray Card Set

Card sets are a group of cards that all have a similar style, and often only differ slightly with colors or sentiments.  They are great to have on hand for when you need a last minute card, and they make great gifts. Who wouldn’t love a set of handmade cards that they can share, without the work?!? From a maker perspective, they are easy because once you decide on a design, you simply create the same card over and over, with only a little bit of alteration.

The pictured card set is one that I created using the Stampin’ Up! Birthday Statements set.  What I love about the Hooray image from the Birthday Statements set is that it can be used for different celebrations….birthday, anniversary, baby, graduation.  To make the card set, I stamped the Hooray image in four different colors on white cardstock.  I then colored each one of the images with a Wink of Stella clear brush dipped in a coordinating ink pad.  For example, for the Hooray image that is stamped in Lemon Lime Twist, I simply dabbed the end of my Wink of Stella clear brush onto the Lemon Lime Twist pad, and then used it to color the cake part of the image.  I used the Spellbinders Label 4 nesting die set in two different sizes for layering, as well as for the inner panel of the card.  For the jewel embellishment, I used Stampin’ Up! Clear Faceted Gems and colored them with markers to coordinate with the different cards.

Below is a list of the ink pad and cardstock colors by Stampin’ Up! that were used:

Ink Pads and Cardstock: Fresh Fig, Lemon Lime Twist, Powder Pink, Tranquil Tide

Find an image that you love and create a card set to keep for when you need a quick card to send, or give the set to someone as a sweet gift.  If gifting, provide envelopes with the cards and tie with some pretty ribbon.

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Altered art using dominoes

In today’s post, I am sharing something that I found on Pinterest.  It is an altered art piece using rubber stamps and dominoes.  It was created by Lynn Stevens, and posted on her blog, Trash to Treasure Art, back in 2013.  Since art is, of course, timeless, I felt that this was a gorgeous piece that I just had to share.  I remember when using dominoes as ephemera as well as using them with rubber stamps was all the rage.  Dominoes are still used by some creators, and I thought that I might inspire someone else to create using dominoes by sharing this beautiful piece.  You can see instructions from Kimberly Crick on how to stamp on dominoes on her website, The Enchanted Gallery.  Kimberly provides great step-by-step instruction, along with photographs.  Hoping this post inspires some creativity, or at the very least, a good game of dominoes!

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Wonderful woman tag – Kindred Stamps

As a paper crafter who has been collecting…pardon me, (clears throat)…using rubber stamps for the past 20+ years, I have seen stamp companies come and go.  There are the stalwarts that have been around forever, but there are also smaller stamp companies that seem to have a dedicated following, but not enormous exposure.  Therefore, whenever I discover a stamp company…whether it has been around for a while and I just didn’t know about it or whether it is up and coming, it always thrills my soul.  You see, paper crafting and stamping are a HUGE passion of mine, and the thought of this pastime vanishing makes my eyeholes leak.

Anywho, that whole diatribe brings me to a stamp company that I discovered last year, Kindred Stamps.  Kindred Stamps does not have pages and pages of stamp inventory, but the stamps that they do have are precious.  Why?  Because a lot of their stamp sets have themes that relate to pop culture.  Quite a few, if not most, of their sets resemble cartoon or television / movie characters that we know and love, or even love to hate (the villain stamps sets are adorable).  The tag that is the focus of this post is You Are Wonderful, created by Mindy Beverly and displayed on her blog, Mindy Beverly Art Studio.  It may remind you of a certain superhero, and Mindy did an awesome job creating this tag.  She used the “She’s Wonderfulstamp set from Kindred Stamps, copic markers to color the image, and distress ink and distress oxide ink to color her die cut shapes.  She gives the exact recipe to create the same tag that she did on her blog.

Thank you, Kindred Stamps for providing such awesome images, and thank you, Mindy, for the amazing inspiration….you and your creations are “wonderful”!

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Foil….and not the kitchen kind!

Hello!  Today, I am going to talk about foil…..pretty, sparkly foil…..not the kind used to wrap up last night’s leftovers! I am sharing a video with you that shows how easy it is to make a foiled card, using Creative Vision Foilables foil and graphic images.  Foil has been on the horizon for the past few years, but seems to be coming a bit more into light as of recently.  As with anything, I am not the trend setter nor trend follower, I tend to lag behind.  Walking Dead and Game of Thrones? Didn’t even watch the very first episode until they were in their last season. #slacker

I mention my lack of following the pack because I fought the urge to get into foiling for a while.  It almost seemed too easy….I would rather slave over a card for 4 hours only to decide that now it was like my child and I couldn’t bear to give it away.  Plus, more tools to buy….although that has never stopped me before, soo that was just an excuse to rationalize that it was almost TOO simple.  Then, I tried it. And I was thinking, yes, it is simple.  Yes, it is easy.  And yes, it produces an absolutely stunning result!  Long story medium, watch my video and see just how easy it is to create a beautiful card that you would be proud of.  The best part? Since foiling is so easy, make one to keep and one to share….and you will still have spent less than 20 minutes at your craft table!

Foil birthday card

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Not only for the bride

Generally speaking, May and June are a couple of the most popular months for weddings.  Lee Ann Barrett shared this beautiful bridal style card on her blog, Greyt Paper Crafts.

The Bride With Bouquet image is from Technique Junkies, one of may favorite companies, due to the expansive selection of images that they carry.  Lee Ann used a stencil for the background, and scalloped rectangle dies for the layering.  For the image itself, she utilized the no line coloring technique, which created an amazing image!  Don’t let the name of the image, Bride with Bouquet, limit you. This image can be used for other special occasions, such as a quinceanera, prom, sweet sixteen, or even mother’s day.  And let’s not forget the bridesmaids!  This image would be gorgeous used on a card that could accompany gifts for those special ladies.   Dress it up, or keep it simple, either way, this image can be very versatile.


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Keep calm and be a mermaid

Mermaid tag

I created this chipboard tag with the items that came in my monthly Paper Doll Subscription box from Krazy Kreations.  I took a class at the Stamp and Scrap Expo show in Orlando in April, and learned how to create these beautiful works of art, using the Paper Doll outline stickers.  The subscription box ($20 a month) comes with everything you need to make the tag, with a few accoutrements left over.  I had a lot of fun making this tag, and with the detailed directions that also came in the subscription box, I was able to create the tag in about an hour.  Outline stickers are easy to use, and you can create some beautiful cards and scrapbook pages with them.  You can mix and match shapes and designs easily, dress them, up or down, and color inside the sticker or adhere it to patterned paper and leave it be.  The possibilities are endless.  Visit Krazy Kreations website to see the wide variety of outline sticker images that they have.  Until next time, keep calm and mermaid on!

Eat, sleep, create, repeat.