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Loving your stamps at first ink

Have you ever purchased an amazing stamp, that you had great plans for, only to have the image come out splotchy or incomplete?  To be honest, up until last year when I took a background card class, I thought I was broken, and had some curse that made me stamp incomplete images.  Oh the joy to discover that all I needed to do was condition my stamps!  It was a tip quickly passed on in the class, but one that I took to heart and that has changed the way I look at my new stamps!  Jennifer McGuire, of Jennifer McGuire Ink, shares a great tip here for using VersaMark Ink to condition your stamps.  There are also a variety of other techniques that you can use to condition your stamps.  Click here for some alternatives to stamp conditioning provided by by Memory Book Architects.  These include items such as using Staz-On cleaner, or even a sanding block!  You purchased that stamp because you loved the image….keep that love going by conditioning the stamp first to get the most out of it.  Always give your stamps some love!

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Eat, sleep, create, repeat.





I have been a a rubber stamp and scrapbooking enthusiast for 20+ years. I am very passionate about papercrafting, and enjoy sharing that passion with others. I value the friendships that I have made along the way, and the incredibly creative things I have seen and continue to see. My motto is create something everyday......thus, eat, sleep, create, repeat.

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