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Red truck obsession…and what is SVG?

Ok, so this holiday season I am obsessed with the iconic vintage red truck…..for whatever reason.  I just think that they are adorable.  My fave is the first picture which is the one with lights on it that is a lawn ornament!  I mention this obsession because it is a perfect segue to the card that I would like to share today.

redtruck4  redtruck3   redtruck1  redtruck2

I found the card below on Instagram, it was posted by Bazzill Basics Paper, created by Sonja Bakonyi, and shared on her blog, Sugar Bean Cards. I instantly fell in love with this card, not only because it was the iconic red truck, but also because it was 3D, made in the card-in-a-box style.  Where can you buy this die to make this awesome card, you ask?  Well, that is the tricky part, and where the term referred to in the title of this post, SVG, comes in.  SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and we are seeing a lot of these files these days, as they can be utilized with Cricut, Silhouette, and ScanNCut machines.  It is a file that you download, after purchase or sometimes for free, to your cutting machine of choice.  You can then scale and tweak it to your liking, and voila! you just cut out an image without having to even leave the comfort of your craft room.  Now, having said all of that, I have not used SVG files.  I am intimidated by them, to be honest.  It is something that I know that I will eventually try, but I am not ready to take that leap just yet.  What I can tell you from observation is that SVG files are two amazing things: 1. cheaper than steel rule dies, and 2. easy to store…(on your computer! No need to go to Ikea and buy that extra cabinet!).  These benefits are great for people who are new to paper crafting (low cost, once you purchase the machine) and also for those who wish to scrap/papercraft on the go.  I found this video that explains exactly what an SVG file is, and how it works, so if you have not explored this avenue as of yet, it is a great place to start.  Now for the card….(finally, geez!).  Sonja purchased this SVG file from the Silhouette Design Store, and then added her own special touches.  On Sonja’s blog, Sugar Bean Cards, she explains how she tweaked the file to give the card more character.  I think she did such a fabulous job on this box card, I am just very impressed but it.  Check out Sonja’s blog, for more of her creations, and also check out working with SVG files….the possibilities are endless!


Eat, sleep, create, repeat.


Note: The second picture at the top of the post, (truck with advent blocks) can be purchased at The Jolly Christmas Shop, Truck with Christmas Tree Advent Countdown.


I have been a a rubber stamp and scrapbooking enthusiast for 20+ years. I am very passionate about papercrafting, and enjoy sharing that passion with others. I value the friendships that I have made along the way, and the incredibly creative things I have seen and continue to see. My motto is create something everyday......thus, eat, sleep, create, repeat.

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