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Versatile Vintageness

While I love to decorate for the holidays, I also like things that can be re-purposed.  Vintage tiered serving stands are one of those pieces that can be used for any (or every!) holiday or season.  Take a tiered serving or plant stand, add some ephemera or tchotchkes, and voila! Instant and easy centerpiece or conversational decor.  Below is a Christmas themed tiered stand, along with one that has been created for seemingly every day.  I am also adding a picture that contains several different variations of tiered stands that would work for this idea.  Let your imagination run wild!

christmas  stand2









Eat, sleep, create, repeat.



I have been a a rubber stamp and scrapbooking enthusiast for 20+ years. I am very passionate about papercrafting, and enjoy sharing that passion with others. I value the friendships that I have made along the way, and the incredibly creative things I have seen and continue to see. My motto is create something everyday......thus, eat, sleep, create, repeat.

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